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a little about the band

The Crew of the Half Moon are a three-piece rock-and-roll gypsy circus, reaching from grunge to folk to pop-punk to piano ballads and back again.

Dan and Kate started the band as a folk duo in January of 2012. Their debut album Automythography was released independently on iTunes and Amazon in January of 2013.

Both Dan and Kate are multi-instrumentalists, sharing time on the guitar, lap steel, mandolin, harmonica, bass guitar, and piano while singing dynamic vocal harmonies. Along with their drummer Jon, they bring an eclectic blend of genres to the stage. With their playful lyricism,  powerful vocal delivery, and a steady rotation of instruments, The Crew creates a set that appeals to a wide array of music fans.

Although their sound is constantly evolving, their latest material has been compared to the Pixies, Pavement, the Meat Puppets, and the Cranberries. As a trio, they released a four song EP, Rays Hill, in September of 2015. Their second full-length album, Blanket Fort Radio, was released on vinyl and iTunes on October 25, 2016. In 2017, Pittsburgh's WYEP 91.3 FM named the band as #2 in their Top Five Locals.


The Crew is currently in the process of writing and recording their next full-length album (which they've learned not to estimate a release date for so that they can let the magic of the creative process happen at its own pace).

nice things people with cool jobs have said about us

"The Crew of the Half Moon is a literate group (their name is derived from Washington Irving’s famous story of ‘Rip Van Winkle’) and Kate delivers her evocative, slice-of-life tales with a stunning vocal tone — think Grace Slick after toughing out a month’s worth of double shifts at the factory."

- Dan Kunz, Centre Daily Times

"Have you ever seen that Disney movie from the 1980's, "The Black Cauldron"? That's what The Crew of The Half Moon's music reminds me of; super spooky, no comic relief, but it still has this whimsy and curiosity about it. There is something dark, intelligent and deeply intriguing going on with this band."

- Cindy Howes, WYEP 91.3 Pittsburgh


“A fresh and dynamic approach to honest, no-frills songwriting...This willingness to branch off and pay homage to all their musical influences creates a great payoff - in other words, this isn't your average indie-Americana act."

- Bruce Siwy, Our Town Amped


“The Crew of the Half Moon explores various sonic textures, from darker and ethereal terrain to harder-rocking salvos and a multitude of flavors in between. They evoke moods ranging from melancholy to hopeful as they convey observational words about life experiences and coming of age."
 - Jim Price, PA Musician Magazine

Our Town Amped's article on the release of Blanket Fort Radio (11.9.16)

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